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Our Story


While sitting around the ranch after a ride one day, a group of us 'BESTIES' were sippin' on some wine and enjoying the long days of summer, we decided to form a 'club' and Women, Wine & Equine was born on that day. We promised each other we would make tee shirts and wear them proudly. Unfortunately, life got in the way and we didn't get around to making good on our promise. Karen, our dear friend passed away after suffering with cancer in 2009, three days after her last ride.

After broken hearts mended, we were reflecting on the amazing memories and life lessons Karen had so graciously and at times, firmly, taught us young fillies, often by her own example…which has brought us to this conclusion… "Life is too short, and we are never guaranteed more than the present." So, embrace each new day with love, understanding and determination to make a difference in your own way. Above all, be happy and thankful to God for BESTIES, wine and horses...

"Cheers to Karen and Besties everywhere who enjoy life”….

Our Story Part 2


 It was a long hard road..but finally..

Our DREAM of having our Brand become a Registered Trademark was realized on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012!  The United States Patent and Trade Office approved “Women Wine and Equine” as our official Registered Brand!

  What many of you do NOT know is that at one point, very early on in the application process, we were actually denied, because someone else owned a similar trademarked name….. They told us there was too much of a chance of confusion in the industry……This was devastating and heartbreaking. The thought of us having to give up on something we believed in so much was gut wrenching.

  After MANY tears and a very long heart to heart between the two of us, we decided we were not going to give up so easily. We were given 6 months to appeal the decision.  We both agreed we were going to be in for a fight, and decided the best course of action would be to hire an attorney who specializes in Trademark Registration. This proved to be quite a painstaking task, as we were on limited funds, and were told by some attorney’s that we would have to spend possibly thousands of dollars, and would probably not win the appeal process.

   Still, we did not give up. We eventually found an attorney that believed we could win.  we had saved every penny we made in order to retain her, and it paid off.  In a 12 page rebuttal, she set out to prove to the USPTO that there would be ZERO chance of confusion to the industry, and we won! We were overjoyed with the news, and shared our victory with a small group of friends that have been such an amazing support to us since day ONE.  It was an amazing night, and we felt so blessed.

  However, since we were still very early in the application process, we were both still very cautious about wanting to go “public” with our victory, so we decided the best thing to do was to wait, as hard as it was not to tell ALL of you, we didn’t want to jinx ourselves!! 

  The next scariest step was to see if we were going to have any opposition during the publication process. Our name had to be run in the USPTO’s official gazette for 30 days, during which time ANYONE could oppose, which would of meant a fight in court and more expenses.  As we held our breath for 30 days, said prayers, and tried to do business as usual…….we finally got the news…..no opposition.  Another victory!  Again, we felt so thankful and so blessed. Having so much confidence in the abilities of our Attorney, we started to believe that we would make it to the end of the 18 step process with our Registration mark approved, and we have!

  We are first of all, thankful to God, without his presence in our lives we would be nowhere. He has been so gracious to us, in helping us to overcome obstacles that we could not do alone. Secondly, a HUGE thank you to Caroline Wong, an amazing attorney who believed in us. We are forever grateful to you and your staff for all of your hard work.

 We also recognize we would not be successful without the love and support from our Husbands, Family and Friends.  You inspire us to keep fighting for and believing in our dreams. We love you GOBS….

  To each of you…… THANK YOU ALL, for your words of encouragement, your belief in us, your support in our Brand, and your faithfulness to us. We love you more than you could ever know, so many of you have touched our lives, and we are so blessed to know you. We now have friends all over the world!!!

  We never gave up on our dream, we were faced with obstacles that we weren’t sure we would be able to overcome…….

But… we wanted it bad enough to fight for it. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

  We like to say Karen is still teaching us lessons like this all the time. We feel her love and Her memory is rooted so deep within us, It’s as if she is still here with us.  We like that.

  CHEERS! to another chapter in life…….sharing OUR Brand with the world…….We love you!!

Tonia and Becky



The Story Behind the Perfect Tee


The meaning behind "Perfect"........As most of you know from reading Our Story, there is one dear friend that is very much behind the scenes of our little Company, in Spirit. Karen was our mentor when it came to riding horses, drinking good wine,  and EVERYTHING in between. She was also battling a demon inside her....cancer. It started in her breast, and over the course of what seemed all too fast, spread through her entire body and into her bones. As her neighbors.my husband and I watched her saddle up one last time, and ride out her gate of the Rusty Rose Ranch, she waved  and smiled as she passed us. She died 3 days later.When we think of Karen, for many reasons, the word that is always brought to mind first is Perfect. Whenever ANYONE asked how she was, her answer was always "Perfect". No grumbling, no whining, no complaining.....just Perfect. It didn't matter if you were her Doctor, the Grocery Clerk, the Bank Teller, or a Bestie. Many people, including Becky and I, were often fooled by her response.....you would never have known she was fighting the biggest battle inside of her.  Karen just didn't want anyone to dwell on what "may" happen. Instead, she focused on the now. We rode with her as MUCH as we could....always walking, as anything else on horseback just hurt her body too much. Karen lead most of the time, and it wasn't uncommon to see her pull her handkerchief out of her pocket and silently wipe the tears from her face. She loved the trails, the switchbacks, the wildlife, and LOTS of laughing, mostly due to Becky and Myself, and our LACK of experience. When we were done with our rides, and horses put away, Karen would disappear, and return with loads of snacks. and Wine. Lots of Wine. We giggled the evening away like school girls. Those were the best of times, and we miss them. We honor her memory before EVERY work day, by toasting to her. We will treasure her memory and everything she has taught us for the rest of our lives. 

We created the 'PERFECT' tee to honor Karen's memory and her inspirational attutude towards life.. On the front it says 'Perfect'.. On the back it says.. "It's not a state of being..it's a state of mind".. On the left sleeve is our WW&E logo..With the sale of every 'Perfect' tee we will donate $5.00 to various Cancer Charities and Research Foundations..

CHEERS to Karen and to a CURE!! 

You can get yours here on our website in two different fits.. A Generous Cut and a Regular Cut tee..